For the Good of the Ancient Order of Hibernians

Listed on this page are the Brothers or family members who are Sick or in Distress

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This page was last updated September 30, 2015

Please keep these Brothers and family members in your prayers.


To have a Brother or Brother's family member included on this page, E-mail the or call John Hands, 843-249-9456
Please include a date when the item would no longer be current or should be removed if appropriate.



      Grieve not...
      nor speak of me with tears...
      but laugh and talk of me as though
            I were beside you.
      I loved you so...
      'twas heaven here with you.

Joseph J.McGarry Division 1
Myrtle Beach

Thomas G. Lanigan 1999
Paul J. O'Brien 2003
Gerald J. McConkey 2013
Cornelious Harte 2007
Msgr. Joseph R. Roth 2011
John Buckley 2012
J. T. Brady 2013
Howard V. Corcoran
Gorge Wolff
Thomas Lynch 2013
Cornelius J. Harrigan 2001
Henry Pat Leis, Jr. MD 2003
James M. Porter 2005
J. Kilmurray 2007
James McBride 2011
Patrick J. Reilly 2012
Charles J. Hagan Sr.
John V. Murphy
Richard Crabtree
Neil Darragh 2008
G. Nelson Lambert 2001
Rev. Msgr. Thomas R. Duffy 2004
Rev. Phillip M. Grant 2005
Robert McGouey 2011
Thomas A. Watters 2012
Ron Greve 2013
James Martin
Lawrence E. Thompson
[Chaplain Emeritus SC State Board]
Joseph J. McGarry Jr, 2002
Rev. George F. Moynihan 2004
Patrick J. McEvoy 2006
John J. Jennings 2009
John F.X. Curnyn 2011
Thomas Lynch 2013
James McNamera
Charles Fitzpatick
Joseph Walsh
Henry J. Burke

St. Columba Division 1

Tom McGovern 2004 Joseph Puder 2005 James Grady 2009 William Gibson 2006

Msgr. John L. Manning Division 1

Msgr. Robert J. Kelly 2004
Martin C. Kennedy 2008
Edward W. Duffy 2009
Joe Doherty Jr. 2010
David Hessier 2010
James Wells 2011
William Clarey
Eugene F. Fosberry
Malcolm J. Coffey
James H. Seignious

Bishop Patrick Lynch Division 1

Frank Kraus 2004
Ted Doering 2011
Bob Gray 2012
Danny Duffy Parker 2012
George Woods 2012
Frank Rahilly 2013
Frank Rahilly 2015
Jim Fitzgerald
John M. Keane
Bill Byrne
Connie Coffey

Harp and Shamrock Division 1

Gerry Glacken 2009
Bob Hyslop
Patrick Lake 2009
Larry Coyle
Jim Haller
Bill Courtney
Dave Delaney
Peter Wagner
Brian McSherry

Fr. Thomas Kelly Division 2
Beaufort County

Harold Hirshmann William Donohoo

Brian Boru Division 1
Berkley County

William J. Donahoo 2013 Deacon Joseph A. Anonie John McDoughnah