All proceeds from the sale of these items are used to support the only shrine in South Carolina

The Shrine of  "Our Lady of South Carolina"
"Our Lady & Mother of Joyful Hope"
330 E. Main Street, Kingstree, SC

For clothing items,
make Checks Payable to:
"Ancient Order of Hibernians"
Add $3.50 for Shipping & Handling

Send to:
David V. Carlson, State Treasurer
3110 Ashley Court
Little River, SC 29566

Email clothing inquiries to:

Click to view the shrine's website

Personalized Embroidery also available

   Kristine Robbins, who's grandfather is Bob Mott, one of our oldest and most active members, has created several embroidered items for him and is willing to do the same for other members.
   Here is her description. Please feel free to contact her.

   "A few years back I made an embroidered golf towel for my grandfather with the country of Ireland with a tiny shamrock in the middle, and the word Sláinte underneath it! It was a HUGE hit! Several of his golf buddies, who are also in the AOH commented on it and said they would love to have one!
   I am writing to you to ask if you have any embroidery designs that you may be able to share with me? My grandfather seems to think that yall might have a few from hats or shirts or things of that nature. The logo, or any other Irish or AOH themed designs? I just thought it would be nice to include it on the towels! I know my Grandfather is mighty proud of the AOH and is not afraid to show it!"

Kristine Robbins

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